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MOD COASTERS set of 4 ceramic absorbent coasters

MOD COASTERS set of 4 ceramic absorbent coasters

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MOD design features a bone white background with geometric mod shapes in brick red, blue, black and light mint. 

SET OF 4 COASTERS - approximately 4.25" absorbent ceramic coasters with cork on bottom. Permanent digital prints. 

Absorbent coasters are super functional and ready to keep your table dry and ring-free from heat and spills. Our coasters have a super fast absorption rate - out performing other absorbing coasters. Some liquids will show more marks than others when absorbed. Take care to avoid dark liquids on light colored designs if this wear and tear will cause distress. But, keep in mind, your coaster has just done its job... saved the furniture!! YAY coaster!!

We love making these hard-working coasters. Please enjoy using them!

CLEANING AND CARE: Rinse spills under running water. Some marks may be improved by soaking in hydrogen peroxide for about one hour. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry cork side up or propped up to allow airflow to both sides. Dry for at least 24 hours before stacking. Do not stack until completely dry to avoid discoloration. May repeat cleaning process. Not recommended for use with metal which may leave metal marks behind.

TRAMAKE * Chicago * Woman Owned * Made in USA *Small Batch

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